East West – Goliath v1.0.10 (EAST WEST PLAY)

By | January 13, 2022


Publisher: East West
Website: www.soundsonline.com/goliath
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Goliath combines many of EastWest’s best sampled instruments in one library with the express purpose of giving you unlimited creative flexibility without switching libraries. This is a great solution for composers, songwriters and producers who need a quick set of quality tools in one place. You get access to tools from many other EastWest libraries, but even where there are matches to your existing collection, it’s even easier to use some of your favorite tools (and add lots of new ones).

From world classics like congas, taiko and tibetan bells to studio kits for funk, jazz, rock and EDM, you’ll find a percussion collection that covers just about every genre and style you write.

Fender, Les Paul, nylon, blues, jazz and ska guitars with mandolin and ukulele. This collection covers just about every genre from classical to reggae and even classic rock, making it your complete Swiss army knife for guitar libraries.

You’ll find many classic basses in this collection, including the 5-string Fender, 72 Rickenbacker and 66 Silvertone (plus double bass). This is the biggest bass quality bag you’ll ever need.

All major keyboard instruments: piano, electric guitar, clavinet, organ, celeste, harpsichord and many other instruments are collected in one collection. This will be an invaluable companion when you have a song with a lot of keyboards or just need to try out a few instruments before choosing one.

Trumpets, saxophones, trombones and other horns are ideal for soul and funk melodies, chords and beats. Layer them on top of each other to add extra realism and thicken melodies.

If you don’t have a full-fledged virtual orchestral ensemble in your arsenal, this collection will plug all the gaps and give you everything you need to create compelling layouts for almost any piece you’ve written.

In addition to the standard Soprano Alto Tenor Bass arrangement, this collection contains male, female and male choirs that can easily meet all your large scale vocal needs.

A careful selection of the world’s most coveted EastWest instruments from Europe, East Asia, India and the Middle East, you get a robust collection of instruments that can evoke images of just about any nation around the world.

Everything that doesn’t fit into another category is here: New Age ensembles, dark atmospheres and synth pads, leads and basses. Whether you’re writing hybrid orchestral scores, EDM or ambient music, this collection expands your arsenal to virtually any genre.
If you are looking for a huge size and an almost unlimited range of uses, Goliath opens a world of creative doors that no other library can find, because very few can boast so many different tools in one. Whether you’re an eclectic writer and need quick access to a wide range of tools that support different styles, an ambitious songwriter who wants to dive deeper into orchestration, or a media composer whose job requires a wide range of tools at arm’s length, Goliath is an easy choice. which will serve you for many years.

– Created by award-winning sound producers Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix.
– Total 40 GB, distributed over 180 different tools.
– Easy access to percussion, guitars, basses, keyboards, orchestra, choirs, world instruments and more
– Fully MIDI compatible
– Every sound from its predecessor, Colossus
– Now included with OPUS with separate downloads, custom key switches, and dozens of MIDI instruments and mixer effects.

Installation :
For the library to work, you need the R2R PLAY sampler download here

1. From the R2R folder, copy the “Previews”, “ProductChunks”, “products” folders to the “C: \ ProgramData \ East West” folder.
2. Copy the library to the HDD to any convenient location.
3. Launch our PLAY sampler, go to the Browser tab.
4. Right-click on an empty space in the left column of the Browser tab, and select “Add Another Product Library” in the pop-up window.
5. Specify the location of the library folder.

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  1. Fred

    i have a problem. when i launch an instrument during loading, i always get a missing files message. should i copy all the instrument files into one folder? could someone help me


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