Audiowarp – Blossom (KONTAKT)

By | July 12, 2020


Publisher: Audiowarp
Website: kontakthub
Format: KONTAKT 5.7.1+
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Journey to the analog world!
Inspired by old tapes in the attic, a golden age of analog synthesizers, shabby hands of time and true love pushing the boundaries of what an analogue can do, Blossom by Audiowarp is the result of many years of recording, rewriting and selecting countless vintage synthesizers to create something truly unique that has become branded Audiowarp sound.
All sounds in Blossom were recorded and processed only using vintage analog equipment. We took vintage analog synthesizers and, using various recording and post-production methods, such as tape compression and artifact manipulation, created a completely new set of amazing, unique sounds. Dusty, ghostly, gloomy and distant – these sounds can only be created in the analog world. Blossom has a five-tab GUI, including FX, Modulation, Arpeggiator, Presets, and a main tab with a quad-core engine. 228 samples, over 1300 incredible sounds never heard before.
Blossom has 4 independent sound sources that can be mixed and modified in various ways. Using the central XY panel, you can dynamically switch between layers. Alternatively, use the X and Y axes to limit yourself only to the horizontal or vertical axis. Assign a CC controller to X or Y for instant control 🙂

Specifications :
4850 samples
249 Individual patches
4 voice mixer with XY Control
Factory presets
User presets
Modulation assign system with 4 x LFOs and 4 x envelopes
7 Global Effects
Intelligent Randomization
Individual envelopes and filters per layer
From acclaimed sound designer Audiowarp


One thought on “Audiowarp – Blossom (KONTAKT)

  1. Jorge Alvelais

    I’ve seen that you’re sharing a lot of Kontakt plugi-ins and I want to learn how to install and use them properly.
    I downloaded and tried free Komplete Kontakt 6 and it was frustrating because it makes me depend of an internet connection to install it and use it. Furthermore, during the installation it automatically linked to my other musical plugins without my permission, so I uninstalled it, finding that it leaved a lot of garbage in my PC, which I had to remove manually.
    Even so, I see that many people is using it without any trouble.
    Is there a manual that explains step by step how to install it and use it?
    Thanks a lot for your help and congratulations for your effort.


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