8dio – Legion Series: 66 Bass Ensemble (KONTAKT)

By | October 23, 2020


Publisher: 8dio
Website: 8dio
Format: KONTAKT 5.6+
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: 66-Basses is the first edition in our new Legion series, a line of instruments designed to meet the special needs of epic cinematic music.
66-Basses is the largest symphony bass ensemble ever recorded. Once in a lifetime, 66 professional double bass players gathered in a large modern concert hall. We removed all the chairs and partitions in the room to achieve maximum reverberation of over 3 seconds. This is the same room we used for Majestica, Lacrimosa, Acoustic Grand Ensembles, CAGE and many other instruments.
66-Basses is a professional cinematic bass. We assembled a 66-piece symphonic double bass ensemble in our favorite modern recording hall, Zlin. The ensemble was created by bringing together professional bassists from 9 different European countries.
66-Basses contains all the standard articulations (sustain types, short notes, arcs, effects, etc.) and a large selection of new articulations (dynamic waves, BPM-based ostinato, Bridge FX, etc.).
We’ve also spent the best part of a month developing 50 unique analog synthesized ensembles. There are 10 different microphones in the library, including the new Binural microphone, which gives you a special audio experience for virtual reality sessions. 4 microphones (Mixed, Decca, Far and Wide) and 5 close microphones for more detailed sound.
66-Basses also features a new 3D user interface with a new 4-part modulation engine and a whole dedicated BPM-based Ostinatos section.


Professional Cinematic Basses:
66-Person Symphonic Bass Ensemble
14.299 Samples. 28GB HDD (compressed to 14GB)
66 Basses Sustain Types, Short Notes and Dynamic Arcs
66 Basses Effects, Bending and Drop Notes
50 Analog Cinematic Ensemble Synths
4 Specially Built SFX Pads + Chaos FX 3.4
1 Binural Mic. 4 Hall Mic (Mix, Decca, Wide, Far)
5 Close Spot Microphones
All patches come with DFD, TM and TMPRO options

Arc pp-p-pp
Arc p-mf-p
Arc mf-f-mf
Arc with dynamic control (CC1)
Tremolo pp-p-pp
Temolo mf-f-mf
Tremolo with dynamic control (CC1)
Note-up-note p-mf-p
Note-up-note mf-f-mf
Note-up-note with dynamic control (CC1)
Note-down-note p-mf-p
Note-down-note with dynamic control (CC1)
Tremolo note-up-note p-mf-p
Tremolo note-downnote p-mf-p

Bend half-tone up
Bend half-tone down
Bend whole-tone up
Bend whole-tone down
Slow bend half-tone up
Slow bend half-tone down
Slow bend whole-tone up
Slow bend whole-tone down
Octave drop (crescendo)
Octave drop (decrescendo)

Resonant clusters with Arc
Dissonant clusters with Arc
Under-bridge Arc
Resonant clusters
Bridge to E
Sul tasto clusters
Ponticello clusters
Percussive clusters
Glissando-down clusters
Glissando-up clusters

Short Notes:
Bartok Pizzicato
Spicc ostinato with dynamic control (CC1), 1/4 (tempo synced)
Spicc ostinato with dynamic control (CC1), 1/8 (tempo synced)
Spicc ostinatto with dynamic control (CC1), 1/16 (tempo synced)
Bartok hits (1/4)

Sustains with dynamic control (CC1)
Dynamic waves
Tremolo with dynamic control (CC1)
Tremolo riser with tail
Tremolo riser with no tail
Crescendo slow
Crescendo fast
Decrescendo slow
Decrescendo fast
double-attack sforzando


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