Zero-G – Sounds of 70s (WAV)

By | November 21, 2023


Publisher: Zero-G
Format: WAV
Quality: 24bit.44.1kHz

Zero-G SOUNDS OF THE 70s is a huge library of world-class, totally original but totally authentic 70s-style instrument and percussion performances, arranged in Construction Kits together with their broken-out grooves and tool kits.

Produced by Mike Wilkie & Matthew Corbett, it’s the ultimate Seventies production tool for 21st century groovers. It captures the TRUE essence of the 1970s, delivering the undiluted heart of soul, disco, funk, and punk: recreated, sampled, and reborn. The great golden age of the dancefloor recreated.

What do the 70s mean to you? Glitterballs, strobe lights, dry ice, mirrors, roller discos, the World Disco Dancing Championships, the hustle, the bump, the freak, cocktails, platform boots, flares, bell bottoms, tank tops, velvet suits, spandex, hot pants, medallions on hairy chests, afros & perms, John Travolta & ‘Saturday Night Fever’, Little Michael & The Jacksons, James Brown, disco divas, boogie. This was the great era, when the 12 inch, the remix and the DJ were born, the genesis of beat mixing. The horns, the strings, the raw disco power!

Now the musical essence and irresistible dancefloor vibes of this great era can live on even more strongly in the music of today with a new generation, thanks to Zero-G’s SOUNDS OF THE 70s and these 8 special Download Packs now give you instant access (the entire library is available here in 8 Packs – you can download all eight in the same product).

Formats :
• WAV (Note: the loops are not ACIDized)

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