Waves – Complete 14 v.01.08.22 (VST, VST3, AAX, AU) [WiN.OSX x64]

By | August 3, 2022


Year/Date of Issue: 08/01/2022
Version: 01.08.22
Developer: Waves
Developer site: Waves
Format: VST, VST3, AAX, AU
Bit depth: 64bit
Tabletka: V.R present
System requirements: CPU Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 / Xeon / AMD Quad-Core
Apple Silicone M1 / ​​M1 Pro / M1 Max
Memory 8 GB RAM 8 GB free disk space on the system drive
Operating System:Windows 10 64 bit (version 2004 and above)
Screen Resolution Minimum: 1024×768 Recommended: 1280×1024 / 1600×1024

Description: a complete package of professional plug-ins for sound processing, for various purposes,
awarded the Technical GRAMMY Award for his contribution to the development of music.

What’s new :
List of changes:
August 1, 2022
New plugin – Waves Harmony: Available as a standalone plugin or in the Mercury, Pro Show, SD7 Pro Show and Vocal Production packages. Includes over 450 factory and artistic presets.
Waves local server v12.14.137.138:

Fixed: Support for Cosmos Sample Finder V14 on offline computers.

Installation :

1. Download what you need from the official Waves website ( DEMO VERSION ).
3. In the main menu you see a list of your trials (demos), making sure, click next – download (install).
4. After the entire installation, patch with the keygen that is in this distribution. (save for the future, it may be useful) .
5. Open your DAW, update the plugin scanner and see your plugin from Waves.
6. Come back here and thank me.

15 thoughts on “Waves – Complete 14 v.01.08.22 (VST, VST3, AAX, AU) [WiN.OSX x64]

  1. Razor

    What do you mean ” Download what you need from the official Waves website”? According to this sentence, there is no plugins here, just only patcher to crack ?

  2. James Cooper

    You go to Waves , select the demos you want from their site , then download their Waves Central and from here all your demos would be waiting to be installed plus all their plugins.
    After you have installed waht you need then proceed with instructions.Comprende ?.

  3. Mike

    Ok.So when you download this file here there is no ” Keygen in this distribuition ‘ .There is only a regular Waves Central offline Package similar to previous others which makes -strange- the necesity to download from the official Waves their Wave Central if i can do it with this one.
    Are yiou sure you have the right content here?.

  4. Paulie inmouf

    download from waves site…. add at least 1 demo… then log into waves central …install the demo fully on your system through the waves central.. after that load all the other plugins online ( its in waves central already) …not from offline installer… Dont forget to repair permissions in waves central first … once installed follow the rest of the directions in the download here

    Apply patch
    8. Removes waves local server : (Run in terminal)
    sudo rm -rf /Library/Application\ Support/Waves/WavesLocalServer
    killall WavesLocalServer & rm -rf /Library/Application\ Support/Waves/WavesLocalServer
    9. RESTART
    10. Run AU Reg tool Build R 215024 for AU
    11. Enjoy

    for some reason it always hangs any other way… I was able to install everything v14 and its working fine on my Mac – Big Sur .
    v14 does not include clarity plugins …. so u have to install demo from waves site … go back to your waves central and finish the installation… then patch and run AU utility

  5. MGM

    @Paulie inmouf There is no “AU Reg tool Build R 215024 for AU” in this download. Please advise what you’re talking about.

  6. sparking

    es una mierda ,al tratar de instalarlo desde la waves central se me queda congelado a la mitad de el porcentaje. espere 8 horas y nada… mac catalina

  7. ibe inumouf

    working flawlessly… all of you who can’t get it working go buy it simple..

  8. Hilário Vicente

    I already have 13 installed, do I need to remove it or do I continue with this instalation and will it overlap with the new updates?

  9. Yaro

    Install working great, many thanks! Only problem is that for some reason Harmony is not found in my DAW, even after some general troubleshooting… Everything else works so it’s quite strange that it only doesn’t find the new Harmony plugin through waveshell…


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