Waves – Complete 11 v2020.05.27 – OFFLiNE iNSTALLER (STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX, AU) [WIN.OSX x64]

By | June 5, 2020



Year / Release Date: 05/27/2020
Version: 2020.05.27
Developer: Waves
Developer’s site: Waves
Bit: 64bit
Tabletka: present | R2R (see spoiler Release Note)
System Requirements: Windows 10 x64 | macOS 10.12.6 and up.
Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 / Xeon / AMD Quad-Core
Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2015-2017
Minimum: 1024×768
(According to user reviews it works on WIN 7)

Description: A completely finished fleet of virtual effects and instruments from A to Z of the highest quality and with support for 64-bit systems! With faster scanning, loading, and processing, Waves V10 opens up new dimensions of the power of high-performance plug-ins. Perhaps the most famous name in the world among manufacturers of professional audio processing effects. Mastering, mixing music, post-production, restoration of audio recordings, dynamic processing, equalization, noise reduction, emulation of classic analog instruments – all this is available with the Waves Complete Collection. Waves is the choice of most recording studios. Plugins are rightfully considered to be one of the best and they will instantly connect to your working project and will be immediately ready for work. Update your Waves right now.

New in Version :
• New Major Update: StudioRack v11.0.63.121:
– New: 8 macros per chainNew: Mono, stereo & M / S parallel racksNew: Multiband split racks
– New: Easy plugin search
– New: Floating plugin windows for convenient plugin control
– New: Over 170 plugin chain presetsNew: Waves V11-compatible
• New Major Update: SoundGrid Studio v11.0.63.120:
– New: 8, 16, 32 and 64-channel configurations now available
– New: Updated user interface
– New: Custom control room to toggle multiple sources & monitors
– New: Up to 16 personalized headphone mixes
– New: Stream audio between up to 14 audio interfaces
– New: Stream up to 128 mono plugin channels from StudioRack
– New: Waves V11-compatible
• Updated: SoundGrid Driver (ASIO / Core Audio) v11.2.63.120 included in SoundGrid Studio, eMotion LV1 and SuperRack
• Updated: SoundGrid server firmware included in SoundGrid Studio, eMotion LV1 and SuperRack
• Updated: All SoundGrid Driver Control Panels v10.0.2.123 and SoundGrid Connect Driver Control Panel v10.0.2.167 included in SoundGrid Studio, eMotion LV1 and SuperRack
• Please note: MultiRack, SoundGrid Studio, StudioRack and V9 compatible SoundGrid I / O Drivers are no longer available for online installation via the Waves Central application.
To install, an offline installer file must be downloaded and installed via Waves Central
• Various plugin updates:
– Fixed: Bug causing MultiMod Rack to increase session file size
– Fixed: MIDI Learn functionality issue in plugins inserted inside CLA MixHub
– Fixed: Scheps Omni Channel module on / off state not saved in Cubase

Release note :
Finally, StudioRack is updated to V11. Time to release as we promised
* No Waves Central installation.
* Simplified R2R installer.
* Including all Waves products except Tracks Live.
* Instrument Libraries are not included.
Check our other releases.
* Simple effective licenser emulation. Works faster than legit.

Waves dropped support WPAPI v1.x. Third party WPAPI plugins like Flux,
PluginAlliance, SmartEQ Live, Sonnox does not work. When they are updated we
will include them again.


“Please note: SuperRack, eMotion LV1 v11 and v10 applications support 64-bit
plugins only, and therefore do not currently support third-party plugins.
SoundGrid-compatible plugins by other manufacturers will be supported in the
future, pending the manufacturers’ schedule. eMotion LV1 v9 and MultiRack
still support all of the plugins below. ”

For the people who want to stick with WavesCentral, create Waves account
and install what you need with WavesCentral, and use our emulator.


We have read some comments “I just need one or two plugs blah blah” but that
means Waves is not for them. Waves is optimized to work with many Waves Plug
Instance. If you are considering running just few instance, try to get rid of
Waves and find alternative plugins. You can check yourself how many dlls are
loaded and how many files are read and written to load just one C1 plugin.
Therefore we provide full installation only with good compression and faster

libraries download HERE or HERE

Installation :
* All launches of installations, kijen, patchers are done on behalf of the administrator during any installation and activation. Nowhere and no folders where \ where the installation will be carried out all the way, to the entire address, should not contain cyrillic characters (exceptions are system folders such as Users). Also, the computer name and account must be in Latin. You must be an administrator on the system. In the system for these plug-ins you must have Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2015-2017, as well as the .NET Framework installed. No need to create nesting dolls from 15 folders and download there. Due to long file / folder names there will be an error during installation. Download to the root of the disk.
Delete previous version. Clear the system of all remaining folders and all entries in the registry.

(C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ VST3 – WaveShell1-VST3 …
C: \ Program Files \ VSTPlugins – WaveShell1-VST …
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Common Files \ VST3 – WaveShell1-VST3 …
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Common Files – WPAPI
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ VstPlugins – WaveShell1-VST …
C: \ Program Files (x86) – Waves, Waves Central
C: \ Users \ NAME \ – .Waves Central
C: \ Users \ NAME \ AppData \ Local – Waves Audio
C: \ Users \ NAME \ AppData \ Roaming – Waves Audio
C: \ Users \ Public – Waves Audio)

Run and install install Setup Waves Complete v2020.05.28.exe
Libraries  download separately.

If only WaveShell is displayed in FL :
In the FL plug-in manager, add another additional folder with VST plug-ins along the path C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Waves \ Plug-Ins V11, then force the plugins to be scanned.
During installation, the error “sorry an error has occurred during installation” appears
Delete cash folder (DISTRIBUTION \ Waves – 11 Complete vXXX \ Data \ cache)



22 thoughts on “Waves – Complete 11 v2020.05.27 – OFFLiNE iNSTALLER (STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX, AU) [WIN.OSX x64]

  1. Martin Barrionuevo

    (According to user reviews it works on WIN 7)?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  2. Van

    What are the instructions for installing on OSX, please?

  3. Andre

    hey, guys, when ill go to torrent the libraries, it shows a bucnh of “AodWsgKLNbdikUYGD6836” kinda thing. is that normal?

  4. fer

    I could install easily, but I can’t run any plug-in, I’m using Studio One 4.6, Idk why, help pls!

  5. KF

    HOW TO INSTALL LIBRARIES ON MAC? It’s the only missing step… and it’s not clear. HELP PLEASE! 😀

  6. nnn


    watch the video; make sure if youre in Catalina and are Getting a Error simply just Move the Waves folder to Your User/”yourname”/Public / Waves Offline Installers/ then redo the steps it should work without it failing ! & Dont check v9 products.

  7. Patrick Long

    Thanks nnn for the video! I folowed the vid and your troubleshoot comment above, still getting error…any other ideas per chance?

  8. Patrick

    NVM! This works flawlessly and realized I just noticed I missed the move folder step! Thanks for sharing, almost too easy!

  9. Gambino More

    what guarantee do we have that wotks? because im downloading it now,i dont wanna have delete something that works pretty well for something we’re not even sure of

  10. mrluxo

    nnn the video is no longer up and running on YouTube. Taken down by waves for legal issues. Are there a guide in text that we can follow/use? Would be awesome.

  11. mrluxo

    Patrick. Any chance you could do a quick guide for me since it apparently wasn’t that hard?

  12. Oklm

    – Install Waves Central
    – Move “Data” Folder (≈5GB) and “Install.cen” to User/Public/Waves Offline
    – Start Offline Installation
    – Resart you computer
    – Execute Waves Licencer
    – Execute all the Waves AU Reg Utilities in the Waves folder in the launchpad
    – Done ! all the plugins works for me in Ableton

  13. san oto

    could you tell me more in detail about”all the Waves AU Reg Utilities in the Waves folder”? where can I find them?

  14. 3C 3Bol

    This one is the only one that’s working for me, tried every Waves Complete bundle.

    Here are the steps I followed after days of fighting installations with waves central, please follow all of them or you will corrupt your installation, if you have a completely new pc where you have never installed Waves you might not need this and you could skip some steps but try to follow all of them:

    1. (Most important step) COMPLETELY delete all waves related files if you have previously successfully or unsuccessfully installed WAVES:
    a. Uninstall plugins with Wave central using offline mode.
    b. Uninstall Soundgrid driver
    c. Uninstall any Waves software (Waves central or Waves plugins)
    d. Manually search for every remaining Waves related file and folder and delete it (Look for “Waves central”, “Waves audio”, “WPAPI”, “Waves”, “Soundgrind”, “RACK”, “waveshell”). You can use “EVERYTHING software to quickly access all your files. Here are some directories you might miss, don’t leave anything behind:

    (C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ VST3 – WaveShell1-VST3 …
    C: \ Program Files \ VSTPlugins – WaveShell1-VST …
    C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Common Files \ VST3 – WaveShell1-VST3 …
    C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Common Files – WPAPI
    C: \ Program Files (x86) \ VstPlugins – WaveShell1-VST …
    C: \ Program Files (x86) – Waves, Waves Central
    C: \ Users \ NAME \ – .Waves Central
    C: \ Users \ NAME \ AppData \ Local – Waves Audio
    C: \ Users \ NAME \ AppData \ Roaming – Waves Audio
    C: \ Users \ Public – Waves Audio)

    e. Search your registry keys ( Regedit ) for any remaining Waves file (use previously mentioned keywords), use CCleaner automatic reg cleaner if you don’t have a clue how to do it manually, its faster but It’s less precise.

    f. Look in FL Studio database folders (C:\Users\*USER*\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Presets\Plugin database\Installed). Look for waves related file, sometimes it doesn’t even have “waves” in the name look for the name of the plugins (for ex. “cla vocals”, “z-noise”), delete everything wave related, even presets (do backups in a USB if you really need them). If you have a previously corrupted installation there will also be files called “Generic multi core processor” or just numbered files (for ex. “0980123893”) delete those as well.

    BEWARE: Do not delete the entire folder or you will corrupt all your FL vst’s.

    e. Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Avid\Audio and rename the Plug-ins folder to Plug-ins1 or any other name or Delete the folder if you don’t use pro tools. Do this EVEN IF YOU DO NOT USE avid pro tools, do not know why this helped me finally install waves but it worked. I think this might be a Waves installation error that might have something to do with permissions, but no idea…

    e. Take the time to make sure you don’t have ANY waves file, this is extremely important. Waveshell, WPAPI, are easily missable, You MUST NOT have wave files in your pc besides WC 27.05.20 torrent files.

    f. After deleting everything, restart your computer and search reg keys again or use CCleaner again.

    2. Install SoundGrid driver found in WC. 27.05.20 and restart. (In the instructions.txt it says it’s optional but it didn’t work without it)

    3. After restarting Install Waves Complete from WC.27.05.20 do not change anything, leave everything to default, just accept every step, and do a full installation and then restart.

    4. Open FL studio and scan for plugins, only with “verify plugins” option selected if you did everything right only waveshell vsts should appear. Do not worry this is normal.

    5. Add C:\Program Files\Waves\Plug-Ins V11 directory to FL studio plugin scan and select “Rescan previously verified plugins” ,”Rescan plugin with error” ,”Combine VST and VST3″, and “Combine “32 and 64 BIT versions” and scan again.

    6. Waves plugin should now appear correctly named and verified.

    Hope this help, I spent 2 days traying to install Waves from Waves central torrents, Please do not try them, the installation usually finish with corrupted files all over your computer and it’s a pain in the ass to delete everything.

    3C 3Bol – Beatmaker

  15. Vue

    Hello there, I have followed the instructions exactly, and I can see each and every VST in FL, however, when I open any of them up , the VST screen is black, yet strangely, if I click and drag randomly, I can see that I am controlling the knobs from upper left information panel of FL. How do I start the GUI up? Thanks.


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