Sonokinetic – Maximo v1.2.0 (KONTAKT)

By | October 29, 2020



Publisher: Sonokinetic
Website: sonokinetic
Quality: 16 & 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Powerful cinematic orchestral samples with dramatic impact.
Maximo fills the space in our phrase-based orchestral line-up that many media composers have been waiting for. We didn’t calm down and didn’t stop, we became BIG! Our expanded orchestra worked overtime to play the biggest and coolest orchestral phrases. Not only is the sound huge, but the score was written for this particular set of instruments. Some phrases have been specially composed using unusual harmonic content such as the odd 6th and 2nd intervals. We have created a product that fits perfectly into any modern production style.
Of course, everything you’d expect from a phrase-based Sonokinetic tool is there, so if you’ve used any of our tools before, you should be able to get Maximo up and running right away. In a few minutes, you will add this awesome sound to your palette.
Using our midi drag and drop feature while doubling orchestral phrases with a synthesizer has never been easier for this hybrid sound. The complete score is also available in the interface, so you can look under the hood and see what happens compositionally with the phrases you use and how the sound coming from your speakers was achieved.
Expanding the brass section was an intuitive experience and we think it translates really well into a finished product. Sound has a “kinetic” power and produces a sense of joy that is hard to miss. We were happy throughout the entire production!
For strings and woodwind instruments, emphasis is also placed on the underside: 8 double basses, 16 cellos, 6 bassoons and contrabassoon. We made sure the low grade had enough pressure and presence to handle the entire mix
Maximo featured the largest orchestra we’ve ever worked with. We didn’t just duplicate records. In fact, we gathered all 101 musicians in one room. The result is a great sound unlike anything we’ve done before.


Specifications :
44.1kHZ – 24 Bit &
16 Bit NCW format
16BIT – 32.000+ SAMPLES
24BIT – 32.000+ SAMPLES
16BIT – 17.9GB NCW Format
24BIT – 36.3GB NCW Format
3 recorded orchestral sections
– Strings 60 players
– Woodwinds 19 players
– Brass 22 players
4 recorded microphone positions
– Close
– Decca tree
– Wide
– Balcony (Far)
… and a proprietary stereo ‘Tutti’ mix for the ‘lite’ instrument


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