Maschine Packs – Pulswerk [OSX]

By | August 1, 2017


Maschine Packs – Pulswerk – OS X [packet-dada]
720.3 MB

PULSWERK delivers the polished sound of minimalistic techno and house with precision drums, pitched Special Kits and sequenced Multi-Effect Kits.

PULSWERK delivers the deep, clean, pounding intensity of contemporary minimal techno and house. 30 Kits provide edgy, precise grooves while 20 Special Kits deliver a custom construction toolset that kicks with the cool, polished sound of electronic music’s most refined styles. Inspiring Multi-Effect Kits instantly add sequenced, tempo-synced effects to your tracks with a wealth of tweaking and routing options.

New MASSIVE presets bring an extra touch of thunder to your creations. Get ready for the main floor – this is PULSWERK.

1. Take the unzipped library and drop it in your Maschine directory (usually Macintosh HD /Users/Shared/).

2. Open Maschine and go to preferences, library and select the expansion you just dropped into your directory. Click on it and hit RESCAN on the bottom right. It should work perfect.

HINT: Intially you may have to ‘find missing sample’ and find some ‘kick.wav’ file inside the library. Do that and it should work perfectly.

3. Hit that plus button.

4. Enjoy!
Our greets go to all hard working groups.
And middle finger to the people who make money with our effort.

Support the good developer if you like it.
We would like to support you for free as long as you understand
what you are doing and what it means.

Remember to BUY the stuff if you USE it.
MMXIV (04).


  • Total size 537.5 MB




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