East West – Stormdrum 2 v1.0.6 (EAST WEST PLAY)

By | January 13, 2022


Publisher: East West
Website: www.soundsonline.com/sd2
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : QUANTUM LEAP STORMDRUM 2 is the sequel to QUANTUM LEAP STORMDRUM (one of the best selling acoustic percussion based virtual instruments ever released). The QUANTUM LEAP SD2 is more than double the size of the original Stormdrum and contains over 12 gigabytes of ALL NEW acoustic drums (excluding the included black Metallica drum kit from Ministry Of Rock). The unique selection of drums and percussion surpasses all other collections. As a continuation of STORMDRUM, it sets new standards that will exceed the expectations of everyone who owns a QUANTUM LEAP product.
Also included are over 100 musical MIDI performances, each with dozens of variations, intros and endings ranging from bombastic to hypnotic. The PLAY software allows you to create millions of variations of each MIDI performance, so you can create your own performances at any tempo without loss of sound quality, since the samples are not time-stretched, only the sequencer’s tempo is changed. Want to slow it down from 120 bpm to 50 bpm? Just change the tempo of your sequence, the sounds will remain flawless. Want to change the tone to something more aggressive or more subtle? Just change the dynamics and see how 24-speed percussion with multiple samples creates a whole new sound. Want to customize, add effects or filters to specific drums? No problem. Want to mute certain sounds and play your own parts? No problem. Sound replacement? No problem. Like the sound of the performance, but don’t like the rhythm? Just use the current multi to create your own beats.
Based on the secret collections of three percussionists, QUANTUM LEAP SD2 – THE NEXT GENERATION features some of the most amazing and unique sampled percussion instruments imaginable, recorded with vintage Neumann microphones in the famous EASTWEST STUDIO ONE (formally United-Western ) for that unmistakable atmosphere of the Hollywood soundstage and a sound beyond any other commercial drum collection.

* Produced by NICK PHOENIX.
* Includes over 12 gigabytes of percussion madness!
* Includes over 100 MIDI Performance files

Installation :
For the library to work, you need the R2R PLAY sampler download here

1. From the R2R folder, copy the “Previews”, “ProductChunks”, “products” folders to the “C: \ ProgramData \ East West” folder.
2. Copy the library to the HDD to any convenient location.
3. Launch our PLAY sampler, go to the Browser tab.
4. Right-click on an empty space in the left column of the Browser tab, and select “Add Another Product Library” in the pop-up window.
5. Specify the location of the library folder.

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