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By | January 17, 2022


Publisher: East West
Website: soundsonline.com/fab-four
Quality: 24 bit 88.2 kHz stereo

Description : FAB FOUR is a virtual instrument inspired by the sounds of the Beatles, using the same vintage instruments and genuine rare EMI recording equipment that the Beatles used to create their music.
Guitars (some worth over $200,000 each) played by Lawrence Juber (Paul McCartney and Wings) include Gretsch Firebird (1959), Gretsch Tennessean (1963), Rickenbacker 360-12 (1965), Martin D-28 (1966 ), Fender Stratocaster (1956), Epiphone Casino (1965), Fender Telecaster (1951), Gibson SG (1960), Les Paul Goldtop (1957), Gibson J200 (1966), Hofner 500 Bass (1963) and Rickenbacker 4001S Bass ( 1964).
The guitars were sampled with up and down strokes, multiple speeds and playing styles, some with chords and effects.
Most sounds would be impossible to create without all of the above equipment. For example, the “revostortion” guitar sound was created by feeding an Epiphone Casino guitar into one EMI REDD 47 preamp and out to a second EMI REDD 47 preamp, which is how it was originally created by EMI/Abbey Road engineers.
Drums by DENNY SEIWELL (Paul McCartney and Wings) include a rare 1960 Ludwig downbeat set with Zildjian cymbals (snare 5 x 14/toms 9 x 13/16 x 16/kick 22 x 14/zildjan 20″ crash ride/18″ crash medium/14″ Hi-Hat).
All drums are multisampled with 16 layers of velocity, left and right hand. All sounds have been chosen for a certain style (for example, A Day in the Drums, Ticket to Drums, Yer Drums). We even recorded some heavily modulated cymbals through a Fairchild limiter for authenticity.
Keyboard instruments include Baldwin’s electric harpsichord (Because I’m a Harpsichord), clavioline (Baby I’m a Clavioline), Lucy in the Lowery, Strawberry Flutes, We Can Work a Harmonium and other stringed instruments including Swarmandel Forever.

Installation :
Release of EastWest PLAY Libraries
To use the library, you need the R2R PLAY release.
Copy the “Previews”, “ProductChunks”, “products” folders to the “%PROGRAMDATA%\East West\” folder.
Copy the library to your hard drive.
Launch our PLAY application, go to the Browser tab.
Right-click on an empty space in the left column of the Browser tab,
and select “Add another product library” in the pop-up window.
Locate the “Instruments” folder of the library.

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