Best Service – Sound Collection FX CD1-CD2 (Wav) [bin/cue]

By | November 29, 2016
Sound Collection features 2 CDs and over 2 HOURS of high-definition stereo sound effects digitally recorded and mastered by top German sound engineers.
Easy to work with it’s arranged into 7 categories to save you time.
– Industry
– Sports
– Household
– Human
– Leisure
– Transport, and
– Special FX.
Track List:
“Disc 1”
02.Country Noise,Crickets
03.Country Noise, Birds
04.Typical Suburb Noise
05.Wind Through Grass And Trees
06.Forest,River, Churchbells
07.River,Birds, Insects
08.Ducks,Quacking And Flapping, Crickets
09.River At Distance, Birds
10.Calm River
11.Wild Running River
12.Large Waterfall
13.River Babbling
14.Small Fountain, Village
15.Water Splash
16.Water Splash, Pebbles Into Water
17.Footsteps In Gravel Path
18.Rolling Thunder At Distance
19.Rolling Thunder, Light Storm
20.Rain Thunder In Woods
22.Thunderstorm Extreme
24.Rolling Thunder And Rain
25.Raindrops On Skylight
26.Raindrops On Window
29.Various Dogs
30.Dog Barking At Distance
31.Dog Barking Upclose
32.Dog Growling, Playfull
33.Cat Meowing
34.Cat And Vacuum Cleaner
35.Cat Purring Upclose
36.Lion Growls
37.Rooster, Chicken
38.Frogs Croaking
40.Ping Pong Game
41.Chopping Wood
42.Light Switch-On
43.Match, Fire Being Struck
44.Gasoven Ignition
46.Fireplace Indoor Crackling
48.Telephone, Europe
49.Zipper Upclose
50.Glass Breaking Smashing On Wall
51.Sweeping Up Broken Glass
52.Footsteps, Wood
53.Footsteps Up, Wooden Stairs
54.Footsteps Down, Wooden Stairs
55.Footsteps Up And Down, Stone Stairs
56.Noise, Stairway
57.Rolling Shutter
59.Door,Wood,Squeek,Opening And Closing,Squeeking Door,Creaking Door
60.Opening And Closing Kitchen Door
61.Door Open, One Person Walking
62.Opening And Closing Drawer
63.Digging In Old Wooden Drawer
64.Vacuum Cleaner
65.Toilet Flush_1
66.Toilet Flush_2
67.Washing Machine
68.Wash-Basin, Bubbles
69.Water Dripping
70.Water Dripping Continuous
71.Shower Turn On, Run, Turn Off
72.Brushing Teeth
73.Freezer Compressor
76.Coffee Machine
77.Coffee Pot
78.Coffee Pot Whistle
79.Glass Rattles Around
81.Church Bells Ringeed
82.Church Bells Ringeed
83.Church Bells Ringing
84.In The Garden
85.Warning Alarm
“Disc 2”
02.Copying Machine
04.Pc Noise
05.Diesel Truck
06.Car Petrol Station
07.Car Starts
08.Hihgway Fast Traffic
09.Car Interior Driving By Rain
10.Car Windshild
11.Car Door Opens Closes
12.Car Hatchback Opens Closes
13.Car Horn1
14.Car Horn2
15.Car Get In Start Drive Get Out
16.Car Comes In Tire Squeal_1
17.Car Comes In Tire Squeal_2
18.Car Squeal Tires While Pulling Away
19.Train Station Genaral Ambience Trains
20.Train Station Genaral Ambience
21.Train Station Train Arrives Departs
22.Train Interior Running Along
23.Train Station Atmosphere
24.Train Subway Departs
25.Train Subway Arrives
26.Train Subway Interior_1
27.Train Subway Interior_2
28.Train Station Atmosphrere
29.Train Diesel Start
30.Train Passes By
31.Train 2trains Passes By
32.Train Arrives Departs
33.Bus Arrives
34.Bicycle Chain Sounds
35.Bicycle Ring
36.Bicycle Crash
37.Train Switching Yard
38.Construction General Atmosphere
39.Construction Bulldozer
40.Construction Electric Saw
41.City Atmosphere Heavy Traffic
42.City Atmosphere Ambulance
43.City Atmosphere Medium Traffic Rain
44.City Atmosphere Rain
45.City Atmosphere Rain Church Bells
46.City Atmosphere With Birds
47.Sports Tennis Outdoor
49.Oktoberfest Drinking Beer
52.Hounted House
53.Airplaine Propeller Inside
54.Airplane Propeller Crash
55.Helicopter Fighter
56.Airplain Fighter Guns1,2
57.Machine Gun
58.Siren Air Raid
60.Fight Scene1
61.Fight Scene2
62.Fight Scene3
63.Fight Scene4,5
64.Kung Fu Showdown
65.Fight Punch Face
66.Fight Scene Guns
67.Space Rocket
69.Planet Basis Xc
70.Spaceship Takes Off
71.Spaceships Computer
72.Space Action
73.Bizzare Planet Athmo
74.Transmission Beam
76.Space Orbiter,Start
77.Printing Press Hallo Come In
78.Printing Press Room Ambience_1
79.Printing Press Room Ambience_2
80.Printing Press Room Ambience_3
81.Cafe Restaurant Atmosphere
82.Finger Snipping
83.Police Us Sirene
84.Auto Alarm
85.Grand Father Clock
86.Grand Father Clock2
87.Grand Father Clock3
88.Cukoo Clock
89.Wall Clock
90.Alarm Clock Ring
91.Alarm Clock Ring 2
92.Small Alarm Clock Ring
94.Aplause Standing Ovation
95.Tropical Wood Birds
96.Airplane Jet Start,Landing
97.Airplane Jet Pass By
98.Aircraft Helicopter Start
99.Airplane Fighter Passes Overhead

Sound Collection features long atmospheres, short fx, machines, crashes, animals, applause, action, cars, trains, water, thunder, you name it! This one is an essential bread-and-butter collection!
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